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Al Masder Al Jadid

Bearings & Industrial Equipment


Today’s industrial sector is required to produce more with less without compromising accuracy, speed, reliability and functionality. Such demands on its performance greatly depend on the bearing component.

International Bearings Group of Companies has foreseen the need for a specialized team to develop solutions and provide support catering to specific demands of numerous industrial applications. Construction, mining & mineral processing, compressors, electric motors & generators, paper & pulp, marine, food processing, industrial transmission etc are some of the many industries we actively engage and support.

Decades of strong cooperation with leading bearing manufacturers and industrial partners have allowed us to build a specialised IB Heavy Industry Team (HI Team). This HI Team provides effective solutions to our heavy industry customers supporting their applications, slotting in value added services like technical consultation, product customization and diagnosis.

These initiatives and expertise have helped our customers consistently add value to their business, reduce cost and increase their efficiency & profitability.


In the agriculture sector, harsh environment & heavy loads put a strain on the equipment & machines. Apart from this the demands from end-users for cost-efficiency & extended performance necessitate bearing products to be of good quality, low maintenance and cost-effective.

Our range of high-quality, environmentally sustainable agricultural bearings are widely used in agricultural machines like the disc harrow, harvester, tractors, mowers, cultivators, front-loaders, baler-presses and plough machines.

Our inventory stocks extensive bearing units for different applications and dimensions, manufactured in a variety of material types to match varying conditions. Light/Medium/Heavy duty pillow block or flange types housings in standard cast iron; stainless steel & thermo-plastic are readily available to serve the farming community.

Our accumulated knowledge and experiences is applied to value add our customers business.


Automotive sector is one of our main focus areas. Our inventory stocks wide range of World Class Bearings Manufacturers from America, Europe and Japan, delivering Original Equipment quality automotive bearings, which are market relevant, reliable and up to date in technology.

Our experienced Automotive Department serves customers & companies dealing with aftermarket for 2-wheelers, passenger, commercial, heavy and off-highway vehicles. These companies in the region including dealerships, retailers, fleets and garages, tap on our expertise and wide range of ready stock to enhance their business.

Our automotive inventory guarantees availability upon demand, ensure quality manufacturing products, cutting edge technology, High performance and economical value.

The inventory includes:

Engine – Automotive
Timing belt kits
Belt tensioner units
Clutch release bearings
Water pump bearings
Air-con bearings

Power-train & Transmission – Automotive
Transmission bearings
Universal joints

Wheel End – Automotive
Wheel bearing kits
Wheel bearings
Steering bearings
Hub bearing units
Oil seals